Is HOCl the right disinfectant for me?

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) really is a unicorn! This wonder product is suitable for use in the following industries and environments:


Keep viruses, bacteria, fungus and spores at bay


Avoid the productivity downtime when disinfecting with harmful products


Internationally recognised, locally accredited & eco friendly

Avoid the health hazards that toxic chemicals can create


A sanitising solution that is good to the environment and your bottom line


Schools & Education

Places of education are hotbeds of viral, bacterial and fungal activity. These infections spread quickly once in circulation, as there is plenty of close interpersonal contact between students and staff in educational environments. Besides the health consequences of infections, diseases also disrupt education by contributing to absences. Educational spaces are often harshly sanitized with toxic chemicals to control pathogen activity. The residues from these sanitizers can harm the health of students and staff. Long-term use of these harsh products has been linked to eye, skin and respiratory irritations. They also POSE significant risks of harm to developing brains, nervous systems and endocrine systems.  

How do we keep students and staff safe from viral, bacterial and fungal diseases? HYPO-LYTE is a 100% natural alternative to harsh sanitizing products. It can be used to sanitize surfaces, food preparation areas, hands and toys. HYPO-LYTE can be administered by spraying, wiping or fogging. This product is more effective and faster acting than bleach, but it poses none of the long-term health risks associated with bleach. HYPO-LYTE eliminates common bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus as well as viruses like Adenovirus, Influenza, Norovirus and COVID-19.

Disinfectant, Disinfectant Spray, Antibacterial Spray, HOCI
Disinfectant; Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; Sanitizer


The healthcare industry has a significant responsibility to keep patrons safe from viruses, harmful bacteria and fungi. This includes hospitals, assisted living facilities, pharmacies, family doctors and dentists. It also includes pathology labs and clinics. 

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is widely used to sanitize these facilities. However, preparing bleach-based cleaning products can be a safety risk for employees. These harsh chemicals can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to dispense bleach-based cleaning chemicals safely. These safety requirements represent an additional operational cost for the company. Bleach-based sanitizers are also known to cause damage to equipment and soft furnishings over time.  

HYPO-LYTE provides safe and superior disinfection for any tasks that bleach would typically be used for in the healthcare sector. This natural product does not require employees to wear PPE or follow special safety procedures. These attributes make HYPO-LYTE an excellent choice for environments with a lot of foot traffic where cleanliness is imperative.


Hotels and restaurants get plenty of foot traffic. Thousands of guests pass through their doors each year. This provides a perfect opportunity for pathogens to gain a foothold. Bars and restaurant tables are visited by patrons who bring bacteria and viruses along with them. These seating areas are often inadequately cleaned between sittings. Bleach and peroxide-based chemicals are unsuitable to use as disinfectants when food and patrons are present. These harsh sanitizers leave residues that are harmful to respiratory health. They can also damage and discolour linen and upholstery. 

HYPO-LYTE is a food-safe and non-toxic disinfectant. It can be applied to surfaces and floors via wiping and mopping, even when guests are present. This product can also be used for fogging to disinfect hard-to-reach places. No protective gear is required when working with HYPO-LYTE. It is non-corrosive for machinery and will not damage or discolour furnishings.

Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; Sanitizer
 Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; Green; Sanitizer

Food Production

HYPO-LYTE is accredited as a food-safe sanitizer for use in the production and preparation of meat, poultry, seafood and fresh produce. It can be deployed during food service without removing or covering foodstuffs. HYPO-LYTE can be used to disinfect surfaces, cutting boards, pots and other equipment. No post-application wipe or rinse is required. It can also be used in step-troughs to prevent pathogens from entering the kitchen via staff members’ shoes.

HYPO-LYTE kills many common pathogens such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and COVID-19. Choose HYPO-LYTE to replace hazardous chemicals used to clean surfaces and floors in your food production facility or food service business.

Commerce & Business

There is a strong drive to implement safer and more natural alternatives to toxic chemicals in the workplace. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is 100 times more effective at fighting bacteria and viruses than sodium hypochlorite (bleach). However, unlike bleach, working with HOCl requires no protective gear or safety equipment. There is no wait time needed after an application of HOCl, so protecting staff from bacteria and viruses does not compromise productivity. 

HYPO-LYTE is non-toxic, non-irritating and planet-friendly. It is also non-corrosive to office equipment and furnishings. Choosing HYPO-LYTE enables businesses to introduce a safer, more natural long-term sanitizing protocol.

Disinfectant; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; hand sanitizer
 Disinfectant; Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; Sanitizer

Wound Care

Chronic wound infections cause many unnecessary deaths. Wound management can also be resource intensive and complex. Due to increasing levels of antibiotic resistance, clinicians avoid using antibiotics in wound management as far as possible. However, the nature of biofilm formation in wound management often makes using antibiotics unavoidable.

Biofilm is a complex structure of microorganisms that generates a protective shell over a wound, but it also creates a space for bacteria to collect and proliferate. Enter HYPO-LYTE. Its star ingredient, HOCl, penetrates wound biofilm to promote healing by neutralising harmful bacteria. It is also effective at cleansing, debriding and eliminating odour.

Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are pricey for wholesalers, florists and consumers. Extending the lifespan of cut flowers is important to all three parties for different reasons. It is challenging to keep flowers fresh as they are harvested, transported, stored, sold, bought and displayed. The most common life extender is the ubiquitous little nutrition sachet. Sucrose and a granular acid provide nutrition and reduce the water pH to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. However, many flowers don’t need much nutrition after harvest. In these cases sugar just increases the risk of bacterial growth in the water and decreases flowers’ lifespan. 

Choose HYPO-LYTE with added potassium to extend the life of your fresh cut flowers. This product kills bacteria and prevents stems from rotting. Flowers take far longer to spoil and display containers need to be cleaned less regularly.

Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; Green; Sanitizer
Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; Green; Sanitizer

Agriculture & Producs

It is becoming increasingly important to consider how chemical build-up and residues affect agricultural land and the environment. HOCl is a safe and effective antimicrobial agent used widely by fruit and vegetable farmers to treat root rot and disinfect water lines. It offers excellent results at a good price point and can be used to replace harmful chemicals. 

HYPO-LYTE is expertly formulated with HOCl to clean and disinfect hydroponic channels and agricultural equipment. The product is demonstrated to eradicate biofilm in irrigation systems. When applied to plants, HYPO-LYTE reduces bacteria at the root. Misting plants with HYPO-LYTE eradicates mould and fungi too.


Livestock housing, feeding areas and agricultural equipment are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and fungi. Appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures are critical for breaking cycles of microbial pathogen transmission. For poultry farmers, proper sanitation of the hatchery and poultry houses is a necessary part of maintaining food safety standards. Bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria are health risks for poultry production staff and poultry consumers. 

Although cleaning and disinfection procedures are critical, it is important to avoid using harmful chemical disinfectants that could compromise livestock and staff health. HYPO-LYTE is a safe and effective natural disinfectant that keeps microorganism colonies in check. This product can be used to mist environments where animals are kept at close quarters. HYPO-LYTE also works well in high-pressure sprayers to sanitize equipment and hard surfaces. Dosing poultry drinking water with HYPO-LYTE keeps E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria at safe levels.

Disinfectant Spray; Antibacterial Spray; Green; Sanitizer
Disinfectant; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; hand sanitizer

Public Transport

Mass transport is an incubator for viruses and bacteria. Public transport commuters are confined in small and often poorly ventilated spaces when travelling to work or school. 

Sanitizing these vehicles using traditional chemicals is impossible. Corrosive bleaches and peroxides are harmful to commuters’ health and may damage and discolour the vehicle interior. 

HYPO-LYTE is 100 times more effective than bleach and peroxide-based cleaning materials. The product can be applied to all surfaces in taxis, buses and e-hailing vehicles. It is also completely safe to spray into the air as a disinfectant, even when commuters are on board. HYPO-LYTE is cost effective, non-corrosive and kind to the environment.


HYPO-LYTE can be kept in spray bottles at supermarket checkout counters for routine customer sanitation. This product can be used in foot troughs to prevent pathogens from entering the deli and fresh produce departments on staff’s feet. Spraying HYPO-LYTE directly onto fruit and vegetables prolongs their life and protects them from premature spoilage. It will also control the spread of pathogens caused by customers touching stock.

HYPO-LYTE is completely safe for use in supermarkets. The product does not need to be wiped off as it leaves no harmful chemical residue. It also does not alter the taste of fresh produce. HYPO-LYTE is approved by SABS/SANS and NRCS in South Africa as a food-safe sanitizer. It is also approved by the EPA and FDA in the United States of America. The USDA has also approved HYPO-LYTE for use in organic farming.

Disinfectant; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; hand sanitizer; Disinfectant Spray
Green, Natural; Antibacterial Spray; HOCl; hand sanitizer

Household & Personal Care

We are cleaning and sanitizing our homes more than ever before. In fact, we are over-cleaning our homes with products that may harm us more than they help. Many traditional household cleaners are made with harsh chemicals linked to endocrine disruption, metabolic diseases, autoimmune conditions, asthma, allergies and even cancers. Eliminating toxic chemicals from your home is a key way to protect your family’s health. It is important to be aware of what we are breathing in and what we are absorbing through our skin. 

Marketing has led us to believe that bleach and peroxides are the only ways to maintain cleanliness. However, these chemicals are NOT our only option in the fight against pathogens in our homes. HYPO-LYTE is 100 times more effective than bleach and peroxide-based cleaning materials. The product can be applied to all surfaces in the home without compromising your family’s safety. HYPO-LYTE is cost effective, non-corrosive and kind to the environment.