We are disinfecting and sanitizing more than ever before and there are so many factors to consider in order to do it effectively, and safely.

Hypochlorous acid ticks all the boxes for those concerned about the long term effects of concentrated, chemical sanitisers. HOCl is natural, alcohol free and fully accredited by the SABS, SAHPRA and various other regulatory bodies.  It’s use supports family and employee health and safety, environmental sustainability, and it protects facility materials and the quality of indoor air.

Hypochlorous acid, contains no added synthetic chemicals, fragrances or dyes. It leaves no residue and causes no irritation or allergic reactions in users.

HOCl Solutions produces HOCl under the brand names Hypo-Lyte and GOOD.

Alcohol, bleach, ammonia, triclosans, QACs, VOCs and phthalates. Waterless sanitisers and gel options. Sanitising VS disinfecting… It can all be very confusing.

A Targeted Approach

HOCl Solutions’ natural disinfectant, HYPO-LYTE and natural sanitiser range, GOOD, protect people (and the environment) by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.


SABS accredited, alcohol free, medical grade, non toxic, food safe, QAC free, pH neutral, antiviral and antibacterial

HYPO-LYTE is safe and effective for surface disinfecting and hand sanitising. This natural disinfectant and sanitiser poses no harm to people, animals or the planet.

HYPO-LYTE’s key ingredient is Hypochlorous acid.  HOCl is found naturally in the white blood cells of mammals and plays an important defensive role against invading pathogens. This biocompatibility is why HOCl has unparalleled safety credentials and is what makes it so effective against viral infections, such as COVID-19, as well as harmful bacteria, fungi and spores.

HOCl Solutions produces stable HOCl commercially through a scientific process known as electrolysis.

HYPO-LYTE is used by medical facilities, hotels, educational institutions, offices, factories and in agriculture.

HOCl Solutions also produces GOOD.  GOOD Is the same brilliant product as HYPO-LYTE, presented in more consumer friendly packaging for home use.

MOBI-LYTE is a range of portable trolley-based devices for dispensing HYPO-LYTE. It is used to fog busy and hard to reach areas in the workplace, particularly in hospitals, care homes and schools where superior sanitising is absolutely vital.